Business Overview

Contributing Society by Creating Science with Immacurate Technology is our key theme

We contribute our society by creating new basic science through new products and servicies developments that our society wants but not available yet

Providing Clean Process Solutions
We provide clean process solutions for such industries as Food, Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, and Electronics

•In-line Blending Systems  •In-line Deoxidization Systems  •In-line Sterilization Systems
•Process Controllers  •Pumps

Consulting and Analysis Services
We provide consulting and analysis services for manufacturing process, standing with clients' points of view

•Consultation for process line cleanness  •Cleanness analysis and evaluation
•Process cleaning consulting such as CIP, with knowledge of tripology, materials, and other engineering elements
•TOC method, ATP method, Fluore-penetration method, Replacementability test, Elution test

R&D for Realizing Dreams
We are taking original research initiatives for responsible care of environment

•Renewable Energy   •Revolutional Fluid Transfer Technologies (for Hydrogen, etc)

Collaborating Partners

Nikuni Co., Ltd.Various Pumps and Fluid Systems
Hisaka Works, Ltd.  Heat Exchangers, Sterilizers, Plant Engineerings

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